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Engaging Orthodox Christian theology with today's world.


The Canonical and Ethical Responses of Eastern Orthodoxy to the Challenges of Modernity

The Conference will take place on the campus of Union Theological Seminary (3041 Broadway @ 121st St, New York, NY 10027) on Friday, December 6, 2019.

A day-long gathering (9.00 am to 6.00 pm—with registration beginning at 9 am)

This conference will address the central topics of canon law and social ethics. Does Eastern Orthodoxy have a definitive social ethics? What does the social ethics of Eastern Christianity mean in history and today? What makes social ethics special and important in Eastern Christianity? Moreover, we will discuss the Orthodox response to those challenges of modernity associated with major changes in society (for example: nationalism/racism, human rights, ecumenism, environmentalism, women’s role in the church and in society). How are we as Eastern Orthodox Christians inspired, influenced, and affected by the social ethics of the church in our lives and in our work? How do social changes affect canon law? How do they impact Orthodox ethos?

We welcome scholars, social activists, and public intellectuals to make a substantive contribution to this important topic. We invite you to approach this subject from various angles: ethical, canonical, philosophical, theological, liturgical, etc. Please email us a short abstract (200 words), email address and mailing address before Nov 1.



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